Autra Burners Company is proud to serve the Iranian and Central Asian industries as a supplier of various types of domestic and industrial burners (natural gas, gasoline, gas oil and multi-fuel burners).

Furnace Burner

AB-F 05...15

MultiFuel Burner

AB-T 5...75

DualFuel Burner

AB-D 2...75

Heavy Oil Burner

AB-H 5...75

Light Oil Burner

AB-O 09...75

Gas Burner

AB-G 09...75


Factory: 18th km. Sento Road, Mashhad, IRAN

P.O.BOX  93571-84389

Tel: +98 51 35420920         Fax: +98 51 35420861

Contact sales and finance department

t+98 990 611 0920

 ID: @autraburners

Contact engineering department

t+98 990 611 0921

 ID: @autraburners_eng

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